GamingWorks BV

GamingWorks designs, develops and deploys professional business simulation games to support individual, team and organizational learning and development. Our solutions are forms of experiential learning, helping translate "theory" into "practice". Our simulations are used by a worldwide network of training and consulting partners.


Below is a list of simulations and the practices they support and enable:

  • The Phoenix Project Simulation: A DevOps simulation that can be used to support DOI, DASA or EXIN DevOps training and can also be used to help create DevOps teams.
  • Grab@Pizza: A Business & IT Alignment simulation that can be used with both business & IT or just IT employees to explore BRM (Business Relationship management), ITIL strategy issues, IT Governance (COBIT).
  • Apollo 13: An ITSM simulation that can be used to support ITSM and ITIL training, helping teams translate ITIL theory into practice. This simulation can also help create end-to-end awareness and buy-in for ITIL/ITSM.
  • MarsLander: Many organizations have already adopted ITIL®. They are being confronted by their development teams challenged to make ITSM/ITIL "More Agile". This simulation explores the concepts of "Agile Service Management".
  • Oceans99: This simulation can be used to help create awareness and buy-in for cyber security practices, particularly focusing on the human aspects of cyber security. Setting Policy, performing risks assessments and prioritizing security countermeasures.
  • Challenge of Egypt: This simulation explores Project management and can be used to help translate PM theory such as PMI or Prince2 into practice, and can also be used a project start up to help create effective project teams, including the critical role of the project sponsor.