Robert E. Stroud

Configuration Management System - next in your Integration of the Business, Compliance with Regulations and IT

In this ever-increasing world the ever increasing complexity of business demand, always changing legal requirements and growing IT complexity is obvious to every CIO and IT employee. Emerging technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing and SaaS, to name a few, combined with absolute dependence on technology and the current pressure for cost cutting, have made it critical that IT understand the business services delivered to make the correct decisions. IT must also understand the technology components, business processes, business service levels, and their relationships. This knowledge makes certain that IT can act dynamically to guarantee that business services are delivered appropriately and all legal and other requirements are complied with. To understand these relationships, many corporations have turned to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) or Configuration Management System (CMS) to reduce service unavailability, understand business impact, and ensure that IT and the business can communicate effectively. Efficient Configuration Management is also the most important condition to be able to control compliance with regulations.