Deborah Burton - DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

Deborah Burton is the Managing Director of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of DASA as well as being actively involved in driving the adoption of the DASA DevOps Competence Model and Accreditation Scheme through DASA's Global Community of Forerunners, Courseware Partners, Training Partners and Corporate Organizations.

She has more than 30+ years of experience in the IT Industry in hardware and software solutions plus an in-depth knowledge and understanding of ITSM, DevOps, Lean IT, Cloud Computing, and other leading IT Best Practices.


The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) is an independent and open association supporting the development of high-performance IT organizations through agile DevOps initiatives.

Every day organizations want to understand what is DevOps. What is the adoption rate of DevOps? How does DevOps work with ITSM, Agile, and other IT Best Practices? How is DevOps different from Traditional IT?

DevOps is the combination of Development and Operations professionals working together as one team. Technological advances in automation, cloud computing, and mobile application development are the keys to driving IT Transformational change. New digital business models pioneered by Google, Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb accelerated the need to move away from traditional business models known for more complex organizational structures with silos of expertise and specialization across many people that slow processes and impact the speed of service delivery.

Today Enterprise Organizations worldwide are investing in building DevOps teams so they can move faster and scale quickly to meet the demands of their clients. These companies represent all types of industries and businesses that are looking for guidance and training to build DevOps teams successfully. Skills and Knowledge development are the keys to achieving success.