GamingWorks BV

The main objective of a training is getting new knowledge and skills and transfer this into day to day life. Unfortunately most training is focused on knowledge and certificates. In this time of Digital Transformation, companies realize that their employees must develop new competences to support these immense programs. This requires another view on education.

Started in 2003, GamingWorks has over 200 international partners, 500+ certified trainers running 1500+ simulations in over 60 countries. GamingWorks became the largest distributer of business simulation licenses in the world. We build interactive, realistic, and powerful learning interventions that will support this transfer process.


Our simulations are focused on DevOps, ITIL4©, IT4IT™ and Agile Project Management. Our simulation are used in the following situations:

  • Awareness programs
  • To support foundations training
  • To kick of new programs